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As the adage suggests, a single image conveys many complex ideas and thoughts, more so than a mere verbal description ever could. What does this mean for a home buyer or seller? What do you want the images of your current or potential home to convey? 

4J Real Estate recently acquired a listing after a homeowner was unsuccessful selling their home through another agent. The property sat on the market for 100+ days without movement. Part of the problem was that the pictures attached to the listing did not display the great features of the house. In fact, they detracted from them. While home photography sounds like a great way to save money, it can actually be a hindrance. We came in with our professional photographers (at no additional cost to the

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Which side do you fall on, dressing or stuffing? There's plenty of debate over the correct terminology of the popular Thanksgiving side dish. If you grew up south of the Mason-Dixon line, chances are that you may be firmly planted in camp dressing, while the rest of America cries stuffing. While both are delicious there are a few distinct characteristics of each.

Dressing - typically made with cornbread and cooked outside of the bird, most likely in a dish of its own. You can find it in the South, parts of the Midwest, and in certain pockets of New England. It's rumored that the term dressing originated in the 1850s when old Victorians deemed stuffing too crude a word for a dish to be named. Honey, I do declare!

Stuffing - typically made with sandwich

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4J Real Estate is proud to honor all veterans today. Your undeniable valor is a testament to why we are able to stand proudly as Americans. Because we cannot live in the land of free, without it also being the home of the brave. 

Veterans Day is celebrated every year on November 11, commemorating the end of World War I and the armistice reached between the Allied Forces and Germany on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month. What was originally called Armistice Day was later changed by Congress to Veterans Day in 1954, to honor American veterans of all wars. 

november 11

While this day provides images of patriotism and Americana, the outlook for many veterans is not so warm. The harsh reality of war and conflict brings cases of PTSD,

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Did anyone else get sick the second we turned our clocks back one hour? It’s as if my body knew I was already complaining about that and decided to throw in a host of other ailments. Tis the season I guess. But then it got me thinking, is this just my body not adjusting to the time difference, or is it something more? Am I experiencing seasonal allergies or a cold? What’s the difference? I did some research and found that, like mucus, the differences aren’t always clear. 


Colds and allergies are similar in that they both affect your respiratory system, making it harder to breathe and easier to feel miserable. But while colds are caused by a virus that will provide days of coughing/sneezing/wheezing/sore throating and generally work itself

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As Cher famously sang, “If I could turn back time…”, we too wonder if it’s possible. Can we really control time? We’re most confident that we can. Well, at least twice a year that is. Yes, folks, this weekend marks the bi-annual tradition of adjusting our clocks by an hour to ensure that the Sun revolves around us and our schedules and not the other way...around. Do you know the history behind the tradition? 

Stubborn Americans confidently believe that Benjamin Franklin invented the daylight saving (not savings) tradition. Spoiler alert, he didn’t. While he may have sarcastically suggested it back in the late 1700s, it wasn’t until a hundred years later that the modern concept was adopted. 

While living in Paris in the spring of 1784, he awoke

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