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How to Prepare Your House for a Winning Sale This Spring [INFOGRAPHIC] | MyKCM


Some Highlights

  • With so few homes available to buy today, houses are in high demand, and they’re selling fast.
  • That means it’s a great time to sell if you’re ready to make a move.
  • Let’s connect to make sure your house is ready for a top-dollar sale this spring. It may be closer than you think!
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Tradition or Superstition?
We could all use a little more luck in 2021. So, no matter how you choose to celebrate New Year's Eve, be it with a lavish New Year's Eve dinner that spans two years, a quiet quarantine New Year's Eve at home, or a cozy night watching New Year's movies, see if you can take some time to squeeze in one of these New Year's good-luck traditions...err...superstitions.


Wear White

In Brazil, deciding on a New Year's outfit is easy---just wear white! The tradition dates back years and is said to usher in good luck and peace. Pro-tip, matching outfits make for great photos! 


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As American As Apple Pie
We've all heard the saying, but what does it really mean? After all, the pastry dates back to medieval England, and America didn't even have apples until colonists brought over the first saplings. They even made their apple pie the same way we do today. The only thing American about it is the word Pie--the English would have called it a tart! 

Americans can thank New Hampshire-born poet Sarah Hale, author of Mary Had a Little Lamb, for our "traditional" style of pie enjoyment and festivity. Historically the English would sandwich savory fillings between two crusts (think chicken pot
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