4J Real Estate is a team of vibrant and dedicated real estate professionals effectively collaborating and communication with others to produce powerful results in the market place in the DC Metro Area.

We are committed to building relationships through real estate.. we call this Realestationship™.  We are actively engaged in buying, selling, leasing and managing transaction in support of our clients who have lives they love living in a home they love.

Meet the 4J Team

Justin Paulhamus
Broker/Found 4JRE


Justin once served on the Hill but now focuses his efforts on finding clients a place to call home.  As a seller agent, Justin's keen sense of the market helps him price and market his client's properties so they sell quickly.  He uses a variety of data to help the seller understand what will get their home sold.  And he does!  A typical home on the market averages: 10 or less days/close.  

As a buyer agent, Justin understands the stress that comes with finding a new home.  He walks his clients through this complex process explaining all the real estate jargon, timelines and contingencies so they fully understand what is happening every step of the way.  This is what sets him apart from other agents and it is why he continues to have such amazing relationships with this clients long after they moved into their home.

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