Let's get a little controversial here and talk about painting a brick home. There are two mindsets around this. Once is 100% gung-ho, enthusiastically eager to paint the brick. The other is all about the natural brick look, and preserving the workmanship. If you take a loop around any quadrant in DC, you'll notice that a lot of people are choosing to paint their brick homes and row homes to give it a completely different look, and personalize their new investment. This is not an easy task. So how do you get started? Should you hire a professional? Is this something that you can DIY? Long-term, maintenance-free painted brick requires careful planning, so let's break it down and discuss the details.

Can you do it yourself?  Absolutely! Painting brick is just like painting any other surface, but with a few caveats. First of all, you want to make sure that the brick is clean. A good pressure wash is all you really need to get all the gunk off, and clean up the surface before painting. Keep in mind that brick is porous. This means that it can soak up moisture pretty easily, so the brick will need to be completely dry before applying any paint. Usually 48 hours will do the trick. If you don't let the brick dry completely, the probability of the paint chipping increases significantly. 

What kind of paint should you use?  As with any painting project, you want to make sure that you are using the proper paint. There are masonry specific paints at Sherwin Williams, and Home Depot, which work very well. One particular brand, that comes very highly recommended is Romabio. The difference between this brand and other brands, is that this masonry paint has a mineral base, which has a high UV resistance, is naturally mold-resistant, and allows the brick to breathe. Bonus, this brand of paint can last up to 20 years with very little maintenance! But most importantly, it has a flat finish, which not only looks beautiful, but gives it more of a natural feel.

Should you use the spray method, or a roller? If your brick is craggy, and extremely textured, then you should consider spraying first, then following up with a roller. Most can get away with rolling the brick twice. Just make sure you use a high-nap role, around a 1 1/4".

What if I really just want to hire someone? If DIY painting your brick home seems too overwhelming, then of course, hire a professional! The cost can range anywhere from $1.40-$4.50 per square foot, depending on who you call so do your research and call around for quotes. We can also help with finding you a great company to work with. 








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