As summer draws to a close, families are wrapping up their summer breaks, and sending their kids back to school. DC Public Schools, for example, start back on August 26th, just a couple short weeks away. Every year, about 94% of public school teachers nationwide spend their own money on supplies for the school year, without reimbursement. The average amount spent is $479, which is no small amount for educators on a historically small budget. Fortunately, there are ways for you to help create a successful learning environment for all children, no matter where you live! 

As you may have seen, there is a new social media campaign this summer that is gaining speed, called #clearthelists. This campaign currently has thousands of posts and counting. When you…

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It's BBQ Season!  

Summertime is the perfect time for BBQ's! Whether you're hosting a party, or just grilling a quick bite, here are some helpful tips to make every BBQ perfect.

Give the grill enough time to warm up. Depending on your grill, it can take up to 30 minutes for the grill to get to a cookable temperature. Gas grills are a little bit faster, only taking about 10-15 minutes to heat up.  

Invest in a digital thermometer. No one likes biting into a raw steak. Investing in a digital thermometer will help you determine when your food is safe and ready to eat.

Making kabobs? Soak the skewers. Soak your wood skewers before assembling your kabobs, and tossing them on the grill.  

Clean off the grill before and after you cook. Clean the inside by…

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We are searching for our next rockstar team agent. 4J Real Estate is all about relationships. For us, selling and buying real estate is like opening a door and stepping through. It's a means to cultivate a new relationship that ultimately leads to a friendship. It's what we call Realestationship™!

Our 4JRE mission is to provide compassionate, attentive customer care to any and all real estate transactions from start to finish. What we offer: ● Take advantage of the unique and powerful marketing tools available exclusively to 4JRE agents.

  • Receive exclusive leads and potential clients.
  • Organize your business and contacts using powerful management system available at no cost to our agents.
  • Broker sponsored signs including yard sign…

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Let's get a little controversial here and talk about painting a brick home. There are two mindsets around this. Once is 100% gung-ho, enthusiastically eager to paint the brick. The other is all about the natural brick look, and preserving the workmanship. If you take a loop around any quadrant in DC, you'll notice that a lot of people are choosing to paint their brick homes and row homes to give it a completely different look, and personalize their new investment. This is not an easy task. So how do you get started? Should you hire a professional? Is this something that you can DIY? Long-term, maintenance-free painted brick requires careful planning, so let's break it down and discuss the details.

Can you do it yourself?  Absolutely! Painting brick is…

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Spring is just 24 days away, and, like it or not, the cold air is still here to stay for a while. If you are looking to get out of the house and see what the city has to offer, here are a couple suggestions for you. 

 Intersections Festival at Atlas Performing Arts - From February 21st through March 3rd, experience DC's thriving performance are scene by attending a concert or show featuring a local artist! "INTERSECTIONS is about presenting excellent art that inspires a connected community, engaged artists and audiences alike, and creates a vibrant neighborhood, city, and world."

Julii - Right outside DC, in North Bethesda, is a bustling little corner called Pike and Rose. Julii, the newest culinary addition to the neighborhood, is a cozy,…

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The real estate market in Washington, DC and surrounding areas are off to a good start for the new year. Home Prices are slowly on the rise, but at a much slower rate than what we saw this time in January 2018. At the end of 2018, mortgage rates hit a seven year high, but if you're a home buyer in 2019, no need to get discouraged, because the rates have since dropped. 

You've been hearing this for a while now, and 2019 is no different. Inventory is still low - 917 homes in January to be exact, with the median price at around $589,000. If you're looking to buy, this could pose a challenge. The key is to stay realistic about what you are looking for. Working with an experienced, and strategic Realtor is your greatest advantage to increase your chances of…

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The 4JRE team loves to eat out! We are foodies and we will be partaking in the deals during restaurant week in DC.

Check out the participating restaurants and maybe we will see you there!

We are out and about for Restaurant Week 2019!

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